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Master class for ONT TV channel.

Tennis master class with Wilson equipment City Center of Olympic Tennis reserves. Topic was prepared and shot by ONT personnel. Vladislav Chernyakovski’s tennis lessons

Lessons of tennis from Vladislav Chernyakovski

In the City Center of Olympic Tennis reserves (Judro 40) master class took place for ONT telecast “Our morning” presenter Susanna Ivankova. Couch from the Center Vladislav Chernyakovski suggested willingly his help in this not easy deed. Tennis equipment for the training was granted by Wilson sports shop.
On completion of master class inspired Susanna expressed her strong desire to go in for tennis in future.
You may watch the master classes with Susanna Ivankova and Vladislav Chernyakovski on the 12th, 14th, 19th and 21st of August on ONT TV channel in the telecast “Our morning” from 6:00 to 9:00 am in the rubric “Everything will be a success”.

Bella Cup semifinal Minsk Belarus 5-6 July 2008.

Famous presenter of the First National channel Svetlana Borovskaya opened Bella Cup tournament. Olga Plotnikova. Georgiy Koldun. Inna Afanasyeva.

For opening ceremony of Interregional women amateur tennis tournament Bella representation invited Belarusian pop-stars: O. Plotnikova, I. Afanasyeva, S. Borovskaya, G. Koldun.

Opening ceremony was conducted perfectly. Even little rain didn’t disturb.
Plotnikova and Koldun sang their songs which were joined with audience and sportsmen. Afanasyeva rejoiced the audience not only with her songs but with the jokes too. Svetlana Borovskaya promised to conduct the opening ceremony as well as to participate in the tournament next year. Olga Plotnikova came to the tournament with all her family. Thinking of the future of her daughter (who is one year and three months old), she was interested when it would be better for her daughter to go in for tennis. Tennis master class was conducted by Zelenkevich Tatyana (she organized tennis club “AvanteClub”) together with her coachers and pupils. Warm-up for the tournament participants was carried out by the coachers from tennis club “AvanteClub” Novik Sergei, Predushchenko Eugeniy.
Merry mood, playing ardour were supported by the organizers of the tournament – Bella representatives who presented a gift to all the competitors and invited them for the banquet which was dedicated to the tournament. Then the first competitors had been invited to the courts and the competition started. Odessa is waiting for winners to play in finale. 48 participants throughout Belarus hope for the victory. Good luck and sunny weather to all competitors!
Photos from the tournament are placed on our website in section “Photos – Album Bella Cup 2008.”

From 1st July our shop works as usual.

Tennis, basketball, volleyball, sports wear. Wilson sports shop, Judro str., 40: tennis, badminton and squash. Beach volleyball, basketball: balls of professional and amateur levels. Tennis, tennis shoes, bags.

Working hours: from 11:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00. Saturday: from 11:00 to 17:00. Lunch time: from 13:00 to 15:00. Days off: Sunday, Monday. On holidays (03.07-04.07) the shop doesn’t work.

Wilson sports shop specializes in selling sports equipment and accessories for tennis, badminton, squash, volleyball, basketball and other kinds of sport.

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