“Wilson” sports shop
Minsk, Judro str., 40

Тестирование новых ракеток Wilson (коллекция 2009г) более 70 видов ракеток, Dunlop (коллекция 2008) более 10 видов ракеток.

Тестирование ракеток Wilson для сборной Беларуси. Тест ракеток Wilson В. Волчков Тест ракеток Wilson А. Коротченя Подача А.Коротченя ракетка (K) FACTOR BLADE (98) Мастерство Владимира Волчкова (капитан мужской сборной Беларуси)

Тестирование ракеток производиться на кортах Теннисного центра Олимпийского резерва по адресу ул. Жудро 40. Для спортсменов и любителей тенниса, приобретающих в нашем магазине, теннисные ракетки оказываем помощь по подбору струны, доводим ракетки по балансу, замена базовых ручек и намоток, установку защиты на ракетку. Стоимость основных ракеток Wilson:
(K) FACTOR BLADE TOUR (93) – 570 000 руб (269$)
(K) FACTOR BLADE (98) – 500 000 руб (236$)
(K) FACTOR TOUR 95 – 500 000 руб (236$)
(K) FACTOR PRO TOUR– 500 000 руб (236$)
(K) FACTOR K ZeN TEAM – 420 000 руб (198$)
(K) FACTOR SIXONE TEAM-450 000 руб (212$)
(K) FACTOR FIVE 98 -620 000 руб (298$)
(K) FACTOR FIVE 108-620 000 руб (298$)
У нас также есть предыдущие ракетки Wilson из лучших моделей N CODE например:
N TOUR TWO (105)- 400 000 руб (189$)
N SIX-TWO 100- 370 000 руб (175$)
NBLADE 98- 380 000 руб (180$)
N5 FORCE 98-550 000 руб (260$)
Есть в наличии теннисная коллекция 2009г. сумок, рюкзаков, чехлов – ценны от 65 000 руб до 270 000руб.
Теннисные мячи Dunlop, Wilson, Slazenger от 3000 тыс. за мяч.

Elite Sporting Goods Company under the direction of Wilson sports shop invites all persons interested to join tennis health-improving groups.

You may put your name in the list in our Wilson sports shop Tu-Fr from 14:30 to 19:00, Sa from 14:30 to 17:30. Call number +37529 6206131, Alexander.

Children from 4 years old and grown-ups may participate. Our aim is to teach you how to play this wonderful game in a short period of time. The cost of training is from 250.000 to 800.000 rubles per month depending on the number of coachings and group members. Maximum number of the group members is 7 persons. We offer sparring at the highest level for sportsmen and amateurs who take part in competitions. We teach you tactics of the game and develop your personal game manner for your best victories on courts. Also we provide selection of tennis equipment including racquet testing on court, we select tennis racquets and strings to fit your game manner and we do racquet jobbing.

Davis Cup Belarus vs. Poland

Davis Cup Belarus vs. Poland Republic Olympic Training Center for Tennis Arrangement scheme of tribunes and seats Ticket-office Hard tennis court Tribune A Cleanup activities VIP box-seats at the Davis Cup

On 18-20 July 2008 match between teams of Poland and Belarus is going to take place in Minsk at the courts of Tennis Palace. Come to support our national team!

From the Belarusian party all efforts were made for conducting this measure at worthy level. The strongest sportsmen of Belarus and Poland will take part in the competition. Poland in February and Belarus in April lost to Switzerland. And not to fall from the Group I to the Group II of Europe/Africa zone we need extremely a victory in this Cup.
In the Polish team such players as Michal PRZYSIEZNY, Mariusz FYRSTENBERG, Marcin MATKOWSKI and Jerzy JANOWICZ will act (Radoslaw SZYMANIK is team captain). Our team will include Max MIRNYI and Vladimir VOLTCHKOV as well as young tennis players Andrei KARATCHENIA and Pavel KATLIAROU (team captain - Dmitri TATUR).
The match will be held outdoor on hard surface. The tribunes can seat more than 1700 spectators. Official ball type of the tournament is Wilson US Open Regular Duty.
Hurry to get the tickets! You can buy it at the ticket office of the Tennis Palace (ROTCT) at the price of 10.000 – 60.000 rubles.
Beginning of the games at 11:00.
Good luck on courts!

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